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                    Yes…Yes, I'm a K-Pop Fan.

Hello, my name is Lisa. I am a forty something year-old mom and, yes, I like K-Pop. My daughter made me do it. An avid K-Pop fan, my teenage daughter has pulled me into the world of Korean pop music. I resisted at first. Then, I decided to listen to it as a way to bond with her. Before I knew it, I was hooked!


It started, of course, with BTS. The most popular Korean band in the world. These super talented, super relatable seven young men have cast their spell on me just as they have millions of fans (ARMY) around the world. Their music is addictive and their personalities are fun and down to earth. Magic was made when these seven individuals came together.


Naturally, I started to expand my interest into this genre. I found a gold mine of amazing artists and groups. Korea is a veritable treasure trove of talent. With popular new groups such as; Super M, Monsta X, Twice, and BlackPink to seasoned groups like Super Junior. The music ranges from techno, dance and hip hop to ballads. Many songs have international influences mixed into the distinctive K-Pop sound. There is a song to fit every mood and taste. I believe K-Pop has something for everyone, young and old. If you haven't checked it out, you should!

In the words of Twice's song The Feels; “You have stolen my heart!”. That’s right, K-Pop, I’m talking to you!

20220216_211838 - Copy.jpg
Photos to the left: BTS Permission to Dance Concert in L.A. (Dec. 1,2021)

Photo to the right and two below: Twice 4th World Tour Concert in L.A. (Feb. 16, 2022)
20211201_202747 - Copy.jpg
20211201_194144 - Copy.jpg
20211201_200116 - Copy.jpg
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